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Videos that Build Character and Confidence in Middle Schoolers.

(and High Schoolers, too!)


How it Works


School counselors rave about In Control's videos for boosting students' social and emotional growth while understanding the daily demands of counselors. Our engaging resources address academic, social, and personal challenges while promoting communication skills, time management, empathy, impulse control, and confidence (All without asking teachers to prep for additional lessons).

Discover why In Control has quickly become an essential tool for counselors and their students—empower your students with the skills they need to thrive. It doesn't get better for Middle School Character Development Programming.

A Video Series for Every Phase of Middle School

72 Videos in All!

We understand that each age and phase of middle school brings unique challenges and growth opportunities. That's why our engaging video lessons cater to the specific developmental needs of each grade, ensuring a tailored and effective approach to social and emotional learning. With In Control SEL, we've got your middle schoolers covered every step of the way.

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Comprehensive & Hassle Free

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Leader Guides

Leader Guides offer educators an easy-to-follow roadmap for In Control SEL lessons, enhancing the learning experience and program effectiveness.

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Parent Emails

Copy and paste parent email scripts offer easy-to-use templates for effective communication with parents, keeping them informed about In Control SEL content and encouraging family engagement.

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Parent Guides

Parent Guides provide families with insights into In Control SEL topics, fostering a supportive home environment for students to practice and reinforce their social-emotional skills.

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Endorsed by School Counselors World-Wide

In Control SEL has been a game-changer for our school. The engaging videos and comprehensive resources provide our students with essential life skills, empowering them to make better decisions and improve their emotional well-being. As a school counselor, I couldn't be happier with the results."
- Karen S., School Counselor, OMS

Need Data? Easy Peasy.

Unlock the power of easy data collection with In Control's pre-tests & post-tests. Tailored to identify student strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement, this tool simplifies the process of gathering essential insights.  With our streamlined assessment, enhancing student outcomes has neverbeen more straightforward.

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At In Control, we believe that to truly transform a school into an extraordinary and remarkable place for students, several key elements must come together seamlessly. Our Theory of Change represents these essential components. These elements are not isolated; they work in harmony to create a nurturing educational environment. What sets us apart is that we provide our school partners with the tools and resources to effortlessly integrate these pieces into their school culture, making it easy for them to achieve greatness.

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In Control Implementation Framework

A streamlined, structured approach to seamlessly integrating In Control into your school's culture.

Foundational Learning PD

Empower your staff, reduce apprehension, and provide teachers with essential knowledge and skills through our comprehensive Foundational Learning PD, ensuring a smooth and successful In Control implementation.


Coaching Call

Maximize the impact of In Control in your school with our Implementation Coaching call, where we collaborate with principals and counselors to create a tailored plan for success.

Quarterly Coaching Calls

Stay on track with our Quarterly Coaching calls, designed to assist school leaders and counselors in monitoring the program's impact and making data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.

Free Student Tracker Tool

Track and enhance your student interactions effortlessly with our In Control Student Tracker tool. Streamline your counseling sessions, monitor progress, and demonstrate your value as an educator. Start improving your student support services today by downloading this powerful tool for free.

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Looking for 
Grades 9-12?

Can Do U is the ultimate video resource for high schools that want their students to learn and have fun at the same time. Our videos are not only loved by students but also by teachers who appreciate the fact that they don't have to prep for the lessons. 

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Take a Test Drive!

Try In Control for 30 Days to see what everyone's raving about!

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