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"This was the best data workshop I've ever attended! 10/10 would recommend!"

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The Challenge

In today's world, numbers rule. Schools are zooming in on data like never before, basing crucial decisions on academic and testing figures. This relentless focus on data can sometimes leave school counselors, the superheroes juggling a thousand tasks, in a tough spot.

Why? Because despite all the fantastic work we do, many of us lack the time or the training to transform our daily triumphs into hard, persuasive numbers. The result? We often find ourselves on the back foot, trying to prove our value and justify our essential role in the school ecosystem.

The Solution

Introducing 'Counselor Impact,' the game-changer you've been waiting for. No longer will school counselors be left scrambling to translate their vital work into the language of data. Our unique training program is designed to fill this very gap, offering a robust solution to your challenges. One or Two-Day Workshops

Counselors Will Be Able To:

  • Analyze, interpret, and utilize school data

  • Devise creative, high-impact interventions

  • Learn how to pitch your innovative strategies to decision-makers

  • Set SMART goals, track your progress, and make your triumphs visible

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What's Included?

Fantastic Question

  1. Data Mastery Session: Interactive training on interpreting and analyzing academic data, helping you identify trends and gaps efficiently.

  2. Creative Strategy Workshopping: Hands-on exercises to devise innovative, tailor-made interventions that address unique student needs and improve school performance.

  3. Impactful Counselor Workbook: Practical guidance on creating and pitching your fresh ideas convincingly to school administration, ensuring your voice is heard and valued.

  4. Two Follow-up Zoom Meetings: Ongoing support and progress monitoring to ensure you're successfully applying your new skills and to address any challenges you might be facing.

Who's Leading This Training?

Jeff Becker, M.Ed.

  • Experienced School Counselor: Draw from the wealth of experience of the 2014 District Counselor of the Year, who holds a Master's Degree in Elementary & Secondary School Counseling and is a Certified Educator.

  • Award-winning Trainer and Speaker: Be inspired by 2015 Toastmaster's International Speaker of the Year, known for engaging, dynamic presentations.

  • Curriculum Founder: Tap into the knowledge of the hundreds of schools and districts from the founder of two highly successful SEL video curriculum companies.

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